AmyChase (thhiiiefff) wrote in aquaria,

Big new tank + catfish questions

Hey everybody!
I recently moved into a house of my own, and I am really psyched about the idea of getting a nice big tank with catfishes, but I have a few questions.
1.) There is a chimney smack in the middle of our house. The floors slant downward away from the chimney. The biggest this tank is going to be is 55gal [so, not exactly HUGE]; is this going to be a problem? It will probably be against an inside wall.
2.) Can multiple Featherfin Synodontis live together? Or they prefer to be solitary? What about Clown Synodontis?
3.) FELLOW CATFISH LOVERS, I want your opinions! What is your ideal setup? If you had 55 gallons of water in your house--y'know, in a tank--and an adoration of catfish what would you do!?!/! I prefer Synodontis but I also like glass cats, corydoras, plecos, etc. I love community tanks with live plants. And I have been keeping fish for 6 years. My oldest fish, Wayne the betta, died last week at the age of 5.
4.) Those of you who've built your own tanks/stands, where can I find the best instructions for this? I am mostly looking to build my own stand, not so much a tank.
Thanks a zillion!
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