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Trusted Aquarium Info Sites, Salt in Freshwater Aquaria

(Hi! I'm crossposting to here, because this is where I used to hang out and get really good advice, eons ago, and to 1fish_2fish because they seem to be a little more active these days. I hope that won't mean too many people getting redundant posts.)

There are opinions all over the internet about whether to add salt to a freshwater tropical aquarium or not. Vigorous, heartfelt opinions. Lots. And lots. And lots. Of opinions.

I've been doing it for years, but I'm quite open to the idea that I have been doing all kinds of stupid things for years. :)

So I have two questions:

1. What is your opinion on adding salt (aquarium salt, not marine salts or table salts, just straight up sodium chloride) to heated/tropical freshwater tanks?
- Never?
- Always? (How much per gallon?)
- Only as a remedy for certain illnesses?
- Depends on the fish? (Which fish?)
- Depends on if there are live plants?
- Depends on which live plants? (Which?)

Is your opinion based on experience? If so, please share!

2. What websites do you tend to go to for answers about things like this? Which, if any, sound authoritative but in your experience are unreliable? I could use recommendations for any sites people find consistently to have practical, reliable information for aquarium keepers.

I am in an awkward range when it comes to experience - not a novice any more, but still susceptible to some very novice mistakes. I've kept goldfish (lots of work, love them), small mixed peaceful community tanks (tetras, rasboras, danios, etc.), and ex-feeder guppies, most of them (including the goldfish tank because I am stubborn as hell) lightly planted. I know how to cycle a tank, recognize signs of common illnesses, check and maintain water quality, and avoid most of the idiotic things I did in my first couple years of fishkeeping, and a few idiotic things I actually managed to avoid. But my range is narrow, relatively, my tanks are small and simple, and I know there's a lot I don't know. So...a good forum is a great thing, but so are good information sites. Thoughts?
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