Ganesha the Viking (wuweii) wrote in aquaria,
Ganesha the Viking

Aquarium Stand

Okay, so I'm curious about everybody's real life experience with aquarium stands, whether they were expressly made for an aquarium to sit on or you're just using a very sturdy dresser.

Basically, I got my 20 gallon tank, and now need somewhere to put it. My 10 gallon managed very well on a very sturdy, older wooden nightstand, but it's too small (width and lengthwise) to use for the 20.

Has anyone had luck with putting a tank that size on just 'regular' furniture? My family just inherited an older, short dresser from my grandfather that I've already initially tested for weight by placing the equivalent of ~280 lbs on it. It seemed fine for the few moments the weight was applied, I'm just worried it will over time collapse. Also, it sits on the floor on little legs rather than directly on the floor, like an aquarium stand would. Would this increase its chances of suddenly breaking on me?

Exactly what makes aquarium stands bought specifically for that purpose any sturdier than normal furniture? In my experience, both tend to be made of wood.

I'm just looking for any stories/input people have regarding regular house furniture vs. 'aquarium stands'. Thank you!
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