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Little Gray Tiger

Rare Opportunity - Brand New 75 Gallon Tank

So, I have a rare opportunity to start a tank brand-new; there's a chance for me to get advice before I even fill it to avoid creating problems for myself. It's 75 gallons, I already have two filters, heaters, and enough light in the fixture for medium light plants.

These are the things I still need to buy or make: a replacement glass hood, plant substrate, some sort of drain+fill system that doesn't involve hauling buckets, and a background. I'm still trying to figure out a way to mix my own less expensive substrate, since I understand that I'll probably need roughly 70-80 pounds for a planted tank. Eco complete or Tahitian Moon Sand is worth it with 30 gallon or less tanks, but with a 75 gallon it's out of my budget.

The big question is though...what to put in it? I could leave out the heaters and keep a few goldfish. There was also talk about making it The Biggest Fancy Guppy Tank Ever. Some other ideas have included making an Amazon themed tank with various tetras and corydoras, as well as some sort of arrangement full of Gouramis. I'd welcome any suggestions. :3 I am particularly fond of tanks where each fish species has their role(Bottom swimmers, sedentary fish, and schooling/top swimming fish. I don't want to own anything that will intensely outgrow that size tank however and I do intend to keep my fish for as many years(Or decades) as they'll live.
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