Ganesha the Viking (wuweii) wrote in aquaria,
Ganesha the Viking

Advice on Tanks

Hi, I'm sorry if this question is a little 'too' basic, but I'm having a surprisingly hard time with this.

I want to move my community of barbs over into a larger tank (they're currently in a 10 gallon), so I'm looking for something about 20 gallons. However, I can't find any Aqueon brand tanks in that size - do they not make them? I currently have a 10 gallon Aqueon and I'm really satisfied with it, so I'd really like being able to stick with that model. However, that's where this community comes in, since I can't seem to find one.

Can anyone suggest to me a good tank that comes in a size of ~20 gallons? I've been able to find a few online (namely Marina and SeaClear) but reviews are minimal at best and I'm really leery of spending $130+ on something that might immediately break/be incompatible with filters/leak/etc.

Thank you!
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