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Newbie aquarist -- pH and cloudiness?

Hey everyone. I purchased a 10 gallon tank two weeks ago and added 2 danios last week under the recommendation of a Petsmart associate (BEFORE finding out about the best fishless cycling methods online... :/). One of them died and the other is still living. I suspect that the culprit is my high pH, which almost matches the highest color of my testing kit (roughly 8.2). Everything else is normal (no chlorine, etc.) except for the alkalinity. My color is showing a "dark turquoise", but the highest (300 ppm) is a dark green color. Do I assume the alkalinity is greater than 300 ppm?

These are the relevant products I've been using:
* Seachem Neutral Regulator - which does NOT help my pH at all
* API Proper pH 7.0 - which neutralizes the pH to 7, but it rises back up to around 8 in a matter of hours
* Top Fin Water Clarifier - which helped at first, but is no longer effective (and the bottle says to "seek aquarium specialist if it doesn't work after 2 treatments")

As of right now, I have 3 danios and one serpae tetra. I have changed the water regularly (roughly twice a week now) and instead of tap water, I've been using bottled spring water after dechlorinating (just a precaution). I've even changed 50% of the water TWICE now to help with my pH and cloudy water issues. The employees as Petsmart aren't giving me the helpful advice to fix the issues.

Any ideas?
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