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Few Tank Questions


I've been wanting a betta with a plant recently because it is a beautiful set up

But in the past I've raised many bettas in bowls, and fish in tanks, as well as house plants.
I know these setups are toxic for the betta, as lilies have poisonous toxins in them to fish, as well as other animals and us! Even though they are beautiful.

So I was wondering if anyone in the fish community knows good alternative plants to grow with bettas they they'll benefit from? I was even curious about maybe growing dwarfed rice plants, as they do live in rice patties :p might give a bamboo kinda look


1.but the questions I had were do any of these plants grow without a filter and with what substrate (sand, can you use soil?) and fertilizer is used, if any fertilizer
particularly water plants that may flower?

2.are there any subtle filters that could work in a large glass bowl/vase? there's undergravel filters but I've heard they don't work well? is this true?

3.Random, does water conditioner expire? Its been a while since I've had any fish tanks.

Thanks for your time! :)
Happy fishing
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